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“Better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times” – Asian proverb

This is my first blog about my travel experience. This time I would like to say about my recent travel to Kerala, a state in India. As it says, Kerala is really a God’s own country. God has gifted Kerala with beautiful greenery nature, backwaters, lakes, hill stations, beautiful beaches and of course lovely people like me :).Kerala is one of the famous tourist destination in Asia and one of the 50 must visit destination in a life time by National Geographic Travel Magazine.

Let me introduce Kerala to you before I start my travel experience. Kerala is the southern state of India with a population of approximately 4 crores. Malayalam is the official language of Kerala however most of the people can speak English and Hindi as well.The most famous tourist locations in Kerala are Munnar, Thekkady, Kovalam, Kochi, Wagamon, Wayanad, Alapuzha, Trivandrum etc. I have already visited most of these places.:)

Our travel to Kerala was in the month of Dec 2015. My friend Rajat who is from Delhi wanted to visit Kerala as we got a leave for few days. Since I am a Keralite he wanted me to join with him so that he will have someone who knows the language, culture and locations of Kerala very well.:)

We started our journey on 11 Dec 205 from New Delhi railway station. Even though it was a boring train journey, we were excite to see the beauty of Kerala. It was Rajat’s first visit to Kerala.I was also excited to show the beauty of my state to my friend. I am really proud of my state, Kerala. Yeah 🙂

We had spent two and a half days in train and finally we reached in Kerala. We had boarded the train at Thrissur. Our first plan was to visit famous Athirapally waterfalls which is near to Thrissur. We had appam and kadala curry breakfast from railway station restaurant itself.

Kerala has a good connection of bus, train and water transport services to every corner of the state. We took KSRTC bus to go Athirapally waterfalls. KSRTC stands for Kerala State Road Transport Corporation. The unique color of KSRTC buses is fabulous.Take a look 🙂 Yellow and red..


Athirapally waterfalls

The excitement was bit more once we could hear the sound of waterfalls on our way itself. One of the reason to visit Athirapally waterfalls was blockbuster Bahubali film. One scene in this film captured the beauty of this waterfalls. The sound of waterfalls was increasing as we approaching. 🙂


We enjoyed there a lot and even had a bath there.There was a lot of people from different parts of the world. This waterfalls is actually in a forest area therefore the entire atmosphere is refreshing and cool. We came to know from the local people that during the monsoon season the water level is high and the waterfall area widens.We had bid adiue to Athirapally waterfalls for giving us beautiful memories to remember and headed towards Munnar, our next point.


Munnar is a town in western ghats mountains in Kerala. Munnar has beautiful nature, climate and hill stations.The gorgeous tea plantation are world famous.To go to Munnar we again took govrnment owned KSRTC bus instead of private buses and taxis.We thought let the government earn money so that thousand of people get benefits :). There are a lot of hair pin curves to reach beautiful Munnar and since it was a night travel the views from both sides of bus was magical. To know more about Munnar, please click Munnar

We enjoyed the chill climate at Munnar. The morning view from our hotel was amazing. The tea plantation at the hill area was covered with mist.The view of Sun light passing through mist was adorable. We packed our stuffs and went outside to explore the beauty of Munnar. As there is lot a tourist points at Munnar, we hired a cab for convenience.

DSCN2883  The first tourist point we visited at Munnar was Mattupetty Dam. I can’t even explain the beauty of this place. Have a look at below pictures as a picture is worth 1000s of words. 🙂


Boating service also available..Take a look at the beauty…


My friend Rajat is a good photographer. He knows how to capture beautiful moments. On our way to next point, we have seen couple of elephants roaming on the fields. We got them too 🙂 See them


Our cab driver Mr.Kumar knows each points which a tourist likes therefore he took us to all the locations in Munnar. Our next point was Anamudi peak. Anamudi peak is the highest peak in western ghats. When we reached there it was raining. The rain added much more beauty to the location. The clouds and mist were kissing the Anamudi peak. The place where Anamudi peak situated is a national park called Eravikulam National Park. Here you can see Nilgiri Tahr. You can go to this link for more details about Nilgiri Tahr


There is a small waterfall from the peak. I wonder where that much of water coming from a peak ! The waterfall also adds beauty to Anamudi Peak and Munnar. We went to the top of the peak and the view from there was awesome 🙂


After spending much time at Anamudi Peak we went to Echo point which is another popular tourist point in Munnar. You can also purchases some handicraft items from here. My friend Rajat has purchased few items for his family and friends. Even the handicraft items are look amazing.


On our way we have seen a special tree; a honey bee tree. The speciality of this tree is that there are more than 25 beehives are there on this tree. There are a lot of another trees around however none of beehives are there on any other trees.I wonder why bees made their hives only on this tree..! Have a look.. 🙂 This is really a miracle for me. There are guards to protect this tree and beehives from throwing stone by people.


There are around 30 tourist points in Munnar but because of our tight schedule we couldn’t visit various places. I will definitely come again and spend more time at Munnar because this place is really a God’s gift I am sure. We have left Munnar with a lot of colorful memories that will cherish for a lifetime.As our can driver Mr.Kumar suggested we caught a bus to Theni in Tamilnadu state to go to Thekkady.As he suggested we caught another bus to Kumali (Kerala) from Theni. Kumali; a city is just 4 km away from Thekkady.


The narrow road to Thekkady is bit dangerous as there is lot of hair pin curves also. We had opted to travel in the night so that we could spent the day time at tourist locations. In Thekkady you can see the beauty of Periyar Lake surrounded by Periyar forest. Periyar Lake is in Periyar Tiger Reserve which is manages by Kerala Forest Dept. There is a boat service in Periyar Lake to see the lake and forest area. If you have luck you cam see wild animals roaming in the forest. Sometimes they come near lake to drink water. Fortunately, we could see few wild animals.The boat service is manages by Kerala Government.It was a sunny day and the sky added much more beauty. Take a look 🙂


Another one 🙂 Beautiful, isn’t it?


We could see a couple of animals out there. The life guard in the boat told us that this is a kind of stag. He told us the name as well but forgot 🙂 The life guard told us that the water level in the lake was high at this time therefore the animal are not coming out to drink water. He also told us that there are elephants, tigers and many other wild animals in this forest.


The different sounds of various birds and animals in the forest is amazing. All together it was like a journey though the forest.We spent more than 2 hours in the boat and I think we had enough time to capture the beauty of fabulous Thekkay. See this picture took by Rajat, you can see a mother and kid there 🙂


We had a walk through the forest to reach Kumali where we stay. There are a lot of trees with full of greenery on both sides of the road. Oh Yeah we took only sweet memories for a life time from Thekkady.


We checked out from the hotel and ready for a long journey to the southern side of Kerala.We caught KSRTC bus again to Trivandum 🙂


Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram is the capital city of Kerala state. We reached here after a long travel and checked in a hotel late night.It was very convenient to go famous beach Kovalam from here.Next day morning we went to Shangumukham beach which is near to our hotel and later we went to Kovalam beach after lunch so that we can see sunset at Kovalam beach.Kovalam beach is around 10 km from Trivandrum city. We could hear the chanting sound of waves as the bus approaches the beach.

The beauty of Kovalam beach is unexplainable. There are a lot of coconut trees near the beach, lovely greenery, blue color water and the light house added much more beauty to Kovalam beach.There were lot of tourists out there from various parts of the world.

Below pictures says it all…



It was full of enjoyment at Kovalam Beach. We have spent a quality time at the beach waiting for sunset.Even though it was bit cloudy the sunset view was superb at Kovalam Beach. Here it is..


You can read more information about Kovalam beach here Kovalam Beach. You should visit here as it’s a fabulous place to spend holidays 🙂

We had bid adieu to Kovalam beach hoping to see again 🙂 Our trip is almost on the last couple of days. Next day morning we went to Kanyakumari.


Our next location was Kanyakumari. Kanyakumari is a town in Tamilnadu state of India. Kanyakumari is the southern most tip of India and the southern tip of western ghats as well.One of our main reason to visit Kanyakumari was the spectacular and unique view of Sunrise and Sunset 🙂 The main attractions at Kanyakumari are Sunrise and Sunset views and Vivekananda Rock Memorial. Vivekananda Rock Memorial is a famous tourist monument at Kanyakumari. The memorial stands on one of the two rocks in the sea about 500 meters away from beach. Boat services are available to visit this famous monument in southern tip of India. Please visit this like to know more about Vivekananda Rock Memorial . Have a look..


To view the sunset there is a Sunset view-point at Kanyakumari. Once we reached there the place was already crowded with many tourists to view the gorgeous sunset view at Kanyakumari. We had waited for some time to let the Sun set 🙂 and finally see what happened 🙂


Here is some more pictures of beautiful Sunset 🙂



After seeing these pics I hope you must have already packed your stuffs 🙂

Next day morning we woke up earlier to view the Sunrise however due to bad whether we couldn’t see Sunrise. This made a bit disappointment in our journey 🙂 Later the weather became sunny and see the hopes of sunlight through the clouds 🙂



Night view of Vivekananda Rock Memorial is AWESOME & COOL 🙂


Ah finally, it’s the time to finish 🙂 Kanyakumari was last point in our travel plan. From Kanyakumari we travelled to Trivandrum and then travelled to Kochi and then Delhi.We thanked God for making our trip enjoyable and safe 🙂

As I said earlier, Kerala is really a gift from God. We have visited only a very few tourist locations in Kerala. There are many other beautiful places to visit 🙂 If you say in Malayalam കണ്ടത് മനോഹരം കാണാത്തത് അതിമനോഹരം.. 🙂 Truly this was a trip of lifetime 🙂 I am sure that the memories of Kerala will lasts for a lifetime 🙂

The people in Kerala is very supportive and helpful. We never had a bad experience with the people of Kerala and Tamilnadu.

The food in Kerala is delicious and spicy :). During our travel we had different kind of Kerala dishes namely dosa, idly, appam, puttu and kadala curry,various non veg dishes, Kerala meals etc etc :). As the memories of Kerala lasts for a lifetime the taste of Kerala food also lasts for a lifetime in my mouth lol:)

The official website of Kerala tourism is here Kerala Tourism Official

Thank you for visiting. I will back with another travel experience 🙂 Keep visiting my blogs.

Photo courtesy – My friend Rajat Dhingra , another wanderlust 🙂



I am wanderlust – Travel experience – God’s own country

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“Better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times” – Asian proverb

This is my first blog about my travel experience. This time I would like to say about my recent travel to Kerala, a state in India. As it says, Kerala is really a God’s own country. God has gifted Kerala with beautiful greenery nature, backwaters, lakes, hill stations, beautiful beaches and of course lovely people like me :).Kerala is one of the famous tourist destination in Asia and one of the 50 must visit destination in a life time by National Geographic Travel Magazine.

Let me introduce Kerala to you before I start my travel experience. Kerala is the southern state of India with a population of approximately 4 crores. Malayalam is the official language of Kerala however most of the people can speak English and Hindi as well.The most famous tourist locations in…

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A day for Mothers

Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers out there ! 🙂

I hope all Mothers are being treated as a queen today. This is their day!  

“My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.” – George Washinton

Happiness to you!


Rubik’s cube – A stress reliever

Hello Folks..

Thank you everyone for the response on my blog about travel experience to God’s own country; Kerala. Usually I blog about my travel experience but this time I would like to write on something else 🙂 Have you heard about Rubik’s Cube?  Is there any speed solver out there?  For me Rubik’s cube is like a friend and I carry one always wherever I go. I am crazy about Rubik’s cube and I am a speed solver 🙂 My best time with 3x3x3 cube is 1 minutes and 20 seconds. I am very sure that this best time can’t be categorised under speed solving 🙂 Let me introduce Rubik’s cube first.


Here is a disassembled cube


A Rubik’s cube is a puzzle invented by a Hungarian architecture Erno Rubik. In his words,

“If you are curious, you will find the puzzles around you and if you are determined, you will solve them.”

Rubik’s cube is the world’s top selling toy however the Rubik’s cube more than a toy; it’s a puzzle waiting to be solved and a question waiting to be answered. In a classic Rubik’s Cube, each of the six faces is covered by nine stickers, each of one of six solid colours: white, red, blue, orange, green, and yellow. In currently sold models, white is opposite yellow, blue is opposite green, and orange is opposite red, and the red, white and blue are arranged in that order in a clockwise arrangement. The original (3×3×3) Rubik’s Cube has eight corners and twelve edges. There are 40,320 ways to arrange the corner cubes. Seven can be oriented independently, and the orientation of the eighth depends on the preceding seven, giving 2,187 possibilities. There are 239,500,800 ways to arrange the edges of the cube. Eleven edges can be flipped independently, with the flip of the twelfth depending on the preceding ones, giving 2,048 possibilities. In short the classic 3x3x3 cube has much more possible patterns approximately forty three quintillions. 

 I was aware about Rubik’s cube even when I was in high school, however, I wasn’t able to solve the cube even one side:). When I was in college I got many talented friends and one of them was able to solve the cube. When I was watching him solving the cube I was just wondered how can he solve this cube! Later he became my tutor for solving the cube. I am sure that he ever heard the words of Dalai Lama that;

“Share your knowledge.It’s a way to achieve immortality”

With the knowledge shared by my friend I took approximately one month to solve the cube finally and that too in 10-15 mints 🙂 . I have made various notes on algorithms and movements to memorize the process, In fact, I have studied this more than my academic book 🙂  As it says, “practise makes a man perfect” I practised a lot to make this easier and efficient. As a result the time I take to solve the cube became less as compared earlier. Now I can solve the cube in less than 1 minutes and 20 seconds. I am still practising to find my best time I hope I can do this in less than 10 seconds 🙂 The current world record for single time on a 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube was set by Collin Burns of the United States in April 2015 with a time of 5.25 seconds at the Doylestown Spring 2015 competition. 🙂 Wow 5.25 seconds !!

I have a good collection of various Rubik’s cube like 3x3x3, 4x4x4, 2x2x2 and mirror cube etc. A mirror cube is a cube with pieces are in different shapes.


Here are the methods for solving a 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube. Mainly there is beginner’s method and CFOP method. CFOP method is the advanced method to solve the cube. Most of the speed solvers are using CFOP method for solving the cube in various competitions. CFOP stands for Cross – F2L – OLL – PLL. CFOP method also known as Fridrich method as the person who introduced and popularized this method is a Czech speed solver Jessica Fridrich. For me, I am using both methods to solve the cube however I am more convenient with beginner’s method. I can solve the cube using CFOP method as well, but it will take more time than beginner’s method. 🙂 I keep practising to solve the cube in CFOP method and I am sure that I will solve the cube within seconds one day! 🙂

Once you learned the algorithms , it is the practice that makes you a perfect speed solver. Practising can memorize the algorithms and also helps you find your best time. For me, a Rubik’s cube is a good puzzle, a good time pass and of course a stress reliever ! 🙂 To learn how to solve Rubik’s cube I suggest you to check tutorial videos available in internet. As I said earlier knowledge is incomplete if you are not sharing with others so got questions? Comment here with your questions and let me share my knowledge 🙂

Thank you for visiting! Happy blogging !! 🙂